Happy wife and mama to 3.  Lover of old things, sushi, red wine, hoop earrings and just about any spot near the water.   I’ve spent the last 5 years telling our story [and other family’s stories] with my camera.   My favorite images to create are those that combine an everyday moment with genuine emotion, connection and of course, beautiful light.


A doting wife and mother to three growing kiddos, photography came to me a little later in my life journey. Once I started I haven’t stopped learning and growing to develop the art of telling stories with my camera. I’m an elementary school teacher by day and a documentary storytelling photographer by evening, weekend and summer vacations! My most passionate work has been documenting my children growing up in our neighborhood on the north side of Minneapolis. When I’m not behind the camera, I might be found jumping rope with the neighborhood kids, singing in the church gospel choir or running the trails around one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.


Wife to a creative soul and mother to two feisty girls who keep me on my toes and entertain my need to constantly have a camera in my hands.  Documenting our life is my passion and creating adventure for my family is my goal.  My love for the mountains and oceans run deep, making the Pacific Northwest the perfect place to call home.  I am a camera hoarder, film lover, tea drinker and love a good game of scrabble.


Proud wife to Tyler, and a blessed Mama to Atticus, Sullivan and Pepper. I spend my days trying to  take in their smallness, eating too many sweets and surprised every day at 4pm that I have to make dinner. I love a good wheat ale beer, entertaining in our home (thank goodness my husband cooks,) and chasing sunsets in my minivan full of kids and a camera bag.


I’m a lucky mom to 3, grateful wife, wannabe farmer, and lover of small town country life. I love documenting our everyday crazy, messy, “just us” life. I am rarely caught without a camera and am happiest camping in the great outdoors or sitting by a cozy fire.


I’m a Lifestyle and Fine Art photographer living with my crew in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I shoot both Digital and Film. I dream, explore, create and craft progressive photography. It doesn’t always work, but I’m OK with that (mostly).


I’m a Southern California native, and natural light photographer, who has fallen in love with capturing the beauty of everyday life. I strive to document the reality of motherhood, with authenticity and emotion; as well as, the humor, adventures, and non-stop energy that being a mom to two boys brings. When I’m not taking pictures of my family, I’m probably drinking coffee or eating ice cream, and listening to NPR.


Born in Mumbai, I grew up in the era of black and white television, Rolling Stone Magazine and Bollywood Cinema. My love affair with people and spaces formed as I walked the streets of Mumbai. Currently, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and create authentic family portraits as well as personal works.  My work has been published online and in print with several leading publications. I am also available for one on one mentoring for photographers.


I am a fine art portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of Seattle, WA, where I live with my husband and my muses, our 6 year old twins.  Non twin-rearing hours are spent enjoying the discordant notes in art and in life, and capturing the connections of my everyday. My love affair with BW film photography runs true and deep and I strive to make unique images, and enjoy breaking the rules of photography along the way.


I see the world in colours and lines and shadows and love, and tell stories much better with photographs than I do with words.  I’ m always up for a good adventure, and my little tribe are my whole world.  I believe there is no event too small to celebrate, and no day that can’t be made better by making something.  Confetti is my love language.



A beach girl at heart — I love documenting joy and color in my images.  Film is a way of life for me and I love to create my images in camera the old school way.  I am mom of four and wife to one and used to chaos, a big believer in the powers of hope and joy.

Melissa Lazuka


I am a mother to four children, married since my 23rd birthday to my first love, living out in the country in Ohio. I am passionate about fine art and love experimenting with new ways of seeing including freelensing and multiple exposures. I work with my children and landscapes to create images that are dreamlike and layered, much the way the passing years of our lives feel. Making photographs helps me see the hidden beauty in this world and for that I am grateful.